Lil of what I do

Motion Motion

Creating the illusion of movement one keyframe at a time using footage, animation, illustration, or typography.

Design Design

Combining typography, illustration, and photography in the most artful expression.

Illustration Illustration

Depicting life though my hands eye… I know that sounds weird, but there is a reason copywriting is not on this list!


Nitters in the Nude

Nitters in the Nude

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My beautiful Sphynx Nitters!

Adfed | MN | 32 under 32 Video

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Video created by me and Josh BeckerĀ

Happy 4th of July

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Happy 4th of July for Motion Button

Hi! I am Jeremy Krzmarzick slash Motion Button. Turn’s out people don’t like spelling my last name so hence the name Motion Button. A little about me I am extremely talented at both motion and digital design. I was on the chess team and the football team which makes me a Jork. I live, bike, draw, and drink craft beer in Minneapolis, possibly the best city ever, though I did go to the dark side for a year (sorry St. Paul).